Creative Curtains And Window Coverings

The available curtains on the market can’t appeal you? Do you think there is no curtain that suit your taste? Then why don’t you try to make your own curtain? One of the easiest way to transform the look of a room is to change the curtains and window coverings.

First, you can buy a designer curtain rod and pinch clips. The pinch clips will grip the edge of fabric and allow you to hang any kind of material. The most popular look now is a wrought iron Gothic style with hemmed or un-hemmed sheers or plain fabric. This kind of look also looks romantic. You can afford that by buying the long white sheets. This sheets are much cheaper than fabric from a store. You can also improved the look by tying ribbons or ties as pullbacks.

Creative Curtains and Window Coverings

Buy curtains and window coverings which do not require any type of clip that slides along the rod. With their variety of design and fabric, this kind of curtains will boast loops at their edge and allow you to thread the curtain through the rod. It is a sample curtains to make like this and you can attach ribbons or fabric strips with button to a length of fabric.

One of popular curtains now is the on which made from specialty papers. Pleasing semi-transparent blinds can be made from hand papers and rice papers. It will compliment many modern decors. If you try to buy that at stores, they are quite expensive, but in fact they are not that hard to be made. All you need to do is find a store that specializes in selling handmade or specialty papers. Some of these paper feature details such as glitter,  leaves or threads pressed right into mesh of the paper fibers which make them more gorgeous. You can simply cut it into the right dimensions for covering your window. Then, string the paper on wire and attach the paper with binder clips.

You can also try to hang hand painted Venetian window blinds. It will live up your window coverings. These can be expensive but you can achieve a similar look by creating a collage or painting your own.  You can use stencil and spray-paint one solid design on the Venetian blinds.

Your curtains and windows coverings will define your style of room. So, it will be better to decorate that according to your style cause you are the one who will see them hang in your room for time beings.

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